Each year, the Boy Scouts of America invites Scouts and Scout leaders ages 18 to 30 from around the world to come to the United States to spend the summer as an International Camp Staff member of a BSA summer camp. The International Camp Staff program is operated by the Boy Scouts of America for camp program enrichment. It provides an opportunity for local councils, like the Bay-Lakes Council, throughout America to invite qualified Scouters from other countries to be a part of their summer camp and Cub Scout day camp programs. The International Camp Staff program is recognized as a cultural exchange program by the U.S. State Department. It gives to our membership and Scouters from other countries an international exchange of mutual benefit. Its aim is to allow Scouts in councils throughout America to come into personal contact with experienced Scout leaders from another part of the globe and learn, firsthand, not only about their Scouting program but also about their country, its culture, and its customs. The program is an in-depth international Scouting experience for Scouts in the Bay-Lakes Council.

Through our partnership with the International Department of the Boy Scouts of America, we’re excited to announce that we will host two international Scouts this summer. With our Cub Scout Summer Camp theme, Passport to Adventure, one international Scout will be hosted at Camp Rokilio and the other will be hosted at Twin Lakes Scout Camp. We’re also working through the logistics to ensure that they will be able to visit Camp Hiawatha, Bear Paw Scout Camp, and Gardner Dam Scout Camp at some point this summer.

Calum Burton of South Africa, 2018 Resident International Scout based at Twin Lakes Scout Camp

Gabby Caminero Gamundi of Dominican Republic, 2018 Resident International Scout based at Camp Rokilio

Calum, who is from South Africa will be based at Twin Lakes Scout Camp. His experience in working with youth begin at the age of 14, where as a Scouts he was allowed to become a Cub Instructor. This involved assisting the Unit Leader with running games and events for boys and girls between 7 and 11 years old. Calum became more involved with his Pack when he turned 18 and could start assisting with meetings, camps, and other events as an adult. He has remained with the same Pack where he now serves as the Assistant Pack Leader, a Scouter, and a Rover. Calum is 24 years old and lives in Alberton, South Africa and has 13 years of Scouting experience. He currently attends the University of Johannesburg where he is majoring in geography and environmental management.

Gabby, who is from the Dominican Republic will be based at Camp Rokilio. She was born and raised in Santo Domingo. She is a young women with a joyful, adventurous, outgoing, and creative character. Gabby says that Scouting is a lifestyle that has allowed her to discover, develop, and encourage the best of herself and everyone around her. She holds steadfast that Scouting enables anyone to be a part of the experience of a global community of people who just give themselves to their best capacities and make the world much brighter by living one good turn at a time. Gabby is 19 years old and lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and has 7 years of Scouting experience. She currently attends a university where she is majoring in performing arts and film.

We’re incredibly excited to host both Calum and Gabby this summer. If you’re visiting either Cub Scout World or Twin Lakes Scout Camp, be sure to seek them out and say “hi!”