Latest Past Events

Kon Wapos Lodge Leadership Development – LLD

Gardner Dam Scout Camp Gardner Dam Road, White Lake

The Lodge Leadership Development is for Kon Wapos Lodge and Chapter Officers, Chairmen, and their Advisers. This event is open to any youth Arrowmen interested in a leadership position in the Chapter or Lodge. There will be and Lodge Executive Committee Meeting Sunday morning. Lodge and Chapter Leadership expected to attend. LEAVING CAMP DURING THE WEEKEND IS PROHIBITED! If any youth member needs to leave camp for any reason, they must sign out and be picked up by a parent or guardian OR have a signed permission slip from their parents or guardian stating why they are leaving and who has permission to pick them up. Thank you for your help with this safety issue. All Scouts under 18 years old must have a signed permission slip to attend this event. Everyone must bring a valid BSA Medical Form Parts A and B and the Youth Participation Permission Slip. Suggested items to bring for the weekend include: Scout uniform, tent, sleeping bag, ground cloth, work clothes and gloves (items will get dirty), rain gear, underwear, socks, toiletries, towel, carving knife, money for trading post, insect repellent, flashlight, health history form and any needed medications.

Basic Chainsaw Operators Course

Bear Paw Scout Camp 14000 Bear Paw Camp Lane, Mountain

This is the Basic Chain Saw Operators Course that meets the National Camping Standard FA-712 Trees must be felled and chain saws used in a safe manner. This is a 2 year certification and will instruct the attendee in proper maintenance, personal protective equipment, and correct technique that are critical components of safe chain saw operation and tree felling.  Bay-Lakes Council properties rely on chain saws to help clear trails, remove deadfalls, clear timber, and stockpile wood for campfires. If you have not completed a Basic Course or refresher Course within the past 2 years, you will need to attend to continue using a chain saw on Council Properties. Each participant must have with them proper Safety Equipment, to include hard hat, eye protection, hearing protection, leather gloves, protective chaps or pants, leather boots - steel toe prefered. Each participant must have a fully operational saw with owners manual, a working chain brake, fuel, bar oil, a field maintenance kit, falling ax or pounder and plastic wedges. You must be at least 18 year of age and be a registered Adult Scouter. Bring a lunch, Camp will have water and coffee available.

Bay-Lakes Council sponsored NRA Certified Muzzleloading Instructor Class

Bear Paw Scout Camp 14000 Bear Paw Camp Lane, Mountain

Qualified individuals will be trained in the proper use of the National Rifle Association methods to teach Basic Students. There are two separate classes. Basic Instructor Training is the first part of any NRA Certified Instructor Training. It teaches Instructor Candidates how to set-up and properly present the learning material following the NRA teaching methods. This class is at least six hours. Basic Muzzleloading Instructor Training is specific training to teach Instructor Candidates the Basic Muzzleloading class. This class covers muzzleloading rifles, shotguns and pistols. It is not the same as the NRA CO-OP Muzzleloading Rifle class taught at National Camping School. You may bring your own muzzleloading shotguns or rifle, or ball and cap revolvers. They must be deemed safe to use by the Training Counselor. Call for information. Shooting qualification will be done during the course. You must meet the minimum standard to complete the class. Attendance at these classes does not guarantee one will be Certified. Candidates must show the proper knowledge, skills and attitude to become NRA Certified Muzzleloading Instructors. For clarification or specifics of the classes please contact Don Ascher at (920) 857-8044.   Please bring the completed parts A and B of the BSA Health and Medical Forms with you to the event. Note: This event is set up as pay-online only. Please have either; debit/credit card, checking/bank account information, or paypal account available to register and complete your order.