Bay-Lakes Council Camps Partner with New Food Service Vendor

The Bay-Lakes Council Camps is excited to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Kandle Dining to provide food service at all Bay-Lakes Council Camps. In addition to our dining hall camps, Kandle Dining will also oversee our commissary operations at our patrol style camps as well.

Kandle Dining has been serving the scouting community for over ten years. Their long term relationships have been built on trust, mutual respect and the mission to provide a terrific dining experience at the Scout camps they serve. Serving over 275,000 quality and tasty meals at scout camps every summer includes menu planning, staff training and recruitment all year long.  Providing food service for their scout camps is not a “side show” for their company, but their main mission. Their success as a company is directly tied to meeting the goals of the camps they serve every year.

Kandle Dining’s menus provide nutritionally balanced meals with regional and traditional favorites that will have Scouts, staff and scoutmasters applauding.  During the off season, Kandle Dining listens to the needs of the camps they serve and the feedback from campers. They believe every camp is different. They do not have a “packaged” menu.  Each camp Kandle Dining partners with has a different and unique program that requires menu diversity. Throughout the year, they take on the initiative of providing Scout camps with the latest food trends and staff training for the latest updates on health department regulations, food allergies and cooking techniques.

We’re excited to partner with Kandle Dining for our 2018 summer camp season. Questions about food service for our 2018 summer season should be directed to


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